Month: January 2016

Congratulations, you’re getting married! Now it’s time to start planning your wedding. Planning a wedding is no small feat and can often be a source of major stress for the bride. Hiring a wedding planner may help to ease the burden, however, wedding planners are often quite expensive and therefore may not be a feasible option for a wedding with a tight budget. Therefore, the alternative is to plan it yourself and while this may be more stressful, it can also be more fun. It would also mean than you have complete control over every aspect of your wedding. So, if you find yourself with the task of planning your wedding but don’t know where to begin, here is a little check-list of the main elements that you need to arrange for your wedding and how you can do it without breaking the bank.

Decide on a Theme

This is without a doubt a huge part of your wedding. The theme will impact many other aspects of the event, the most important of which, is the choice of decorations. Decorations can be a big expense; thus, if you are planning your wedding with a limited budget, then your options are wedding decorations hire or making the decorations yourself. Which option will be more cost effective will depend on the theme of the wedding and the type of decorations you have in mind.

Select Your Dress

Wedding dresses are also very expensive, especially when they are custom made. Therefore, if you don’t want to spend too much on your dress, then you may consider getting a pre-made dress or hiring a wedding dress. Hiring a wedding dress, though it has the downside that you won’t be able to keep the dress, allows you to wear an extravagant wedding dress, one which you wouldn’t have been able to afford had you attempted to buy it.

Make a Guest List

To keep your wedding small and personal, invite only the people closest to you and the ones you love the most. Too many guests only serve to increase costs and make wedding planning more complicated.

Arrange the Food

You may arrange a caterer for your wedding, or perhaps if you have a big family or close set of friends to help, you may decide to cook for the wedding yourself. Whether this option is feasible depends on the number of guests you plan to invite. You may find it more cost effective to hire a caterer if you can find a good bargain.

Choose the Venue

If your guest list is small, you may be able to have your wedding in your home or garden (or that of a friend or family member).

In conclusion, remember that how great a wedding is, is not dependent on how much money you spend on it! A wonderful and memorable wedding is created by celebrating your marriage with your most cherished friends and family.

We all know how difficult it can be to organize a last minute party. But still there are moments where we have to set aside everything and plan a party for a loved one or a friend. Especially if you are a mom running a home, you would know how many times you had to plan sudden parties for your family members to celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries and any special moment. The truth is planning a party is not an easy thing. It takes a lot of effort and time to plan a party perfectly. But when you’ve got to rush with the planning then you need to be super organized to get things done fast.
One of the things you should know about planning a party at the last minute is that you will have the tendency to forget at least something. That is why you need to sit down with a pen and a paper and list out all things that are necessary for you to throw a great party. Take your time to do this. If you rush through this process then you will most likely forget a few important things. You can certainly add a few interesting things like a photo booth that will make everyone enjoy their time at the party. There are many places that would offer cheap photo booth hire services on short notice. If you can find such a service provider then it will surely add some excitement to your party. Visit this link for more information about cheap photo booth hire in Sydney.

One of the things you need to be concerned about when planning a last minute party is that you have to stick to a financial budget. If you don’t you may run the risk of spending too much than you ought to. Therefore you need to set a budget on your party expenses. Make sure you add the catering bills and costs of other service providers as well. If you can look through the internet you can surely find some professional service providers like party caterers, companies who offer photo booth for certain events, decorators, DJ’s and many other service providers you may need to hire for affordable prices. When you check on the internet you have the option of comparing rates that will enable you to hire the ones who are most cost effective.
One other thing you must focus is food. No party can be successful if you cannot serve food of great quality. Now if you decide to cook it can be quite troublesome. Even for a small group of people cooking can make things more complicated especially since you have other aspects of the party to plan as well. So it is important that you find a great caterer to cater at your party.

accessories.5Christmas is one of the most exciting times for your child as not only is it the school holidays but everything around them is decorated and glammed up during this season. As you fondly look back on your Christmas memories, your child will one day look back at the memories that he or she has created during this very special time of the year. You child will be a whirlwind of energy during the month of December between decorating the Christmas tree and writing their letters to Santa clause and buying baby accessories Australia. However, as important as all this is, it is important to use this time to teach your child lessons of kindness, sharing and of course, that there are other children out there, that do not have the privileges that he or she has.

Christmas gift concepts for your youngster
At Christmas your child is likely to receive many gifts but he or she will mostly be looking forward to two gifts in particular. Your gift to him and of course the most important of all, Santa clauses gift to him. During this time, most parents would usually opt to buy them a large expensive gift such as a childrens outside playhouse or a bicycle that they will gift to the child from Santa clause while they will buy a relatively small gift from themselves. This is a common mistake that parents make. It is important to buy the bigger gift from them while having the smaller inexpensive gift from Santa clause.

The reason for this is that, not all parents will be able to afford very expensive gifts for their kids and some will be less likely to be able to afford a kids out door play house or anything even remotely close to that but will instead buy the best they can afford to give their child, maybe even a small inexpensive doll or toy truck from Santa clause while they may not even buy a gift from themselves. Children tend to go back to school and discuss the gifts they received and while these parents may be able to explain to their child that they were not able to afford a gift from themselves this Christmas, it will be very disappointing for the child with a smaller gift to know that “Santa” bought their friend a very expensive gift while he bought him or her a small inexpensive gift. Instead set a small budget for your kids Santa clause gift, which you can always explain to your kid that Santa class needs to buy all the kids in the world gifts and cannot afford to spend a lot of money on each gift.