Month: April 2016

boothsWhen organizing a school fair, it is important to incorporate a lot elements as possible so that everyone in the school can equally enjoy. As school fair is a time to forget about the books and the daily stress of school. For both staff and students, it’s a time to come together and enjoy a couple of hours doing the best thing they like. Usually school fairs involve a lot of food stalls, game stalls, music to what students and staff can dance to and even little stalls that sell goodies and little accessories. It’s all in all a fun filled couple of hours to spend with your friends and loved ones. Here are some elements that can be added to make a school fair much more fun filled.

Game stalls & ride
Games always very attractive to students, especially middle school and high school students. So it is nice to a variety of games students can be a part of which are all in all fun. These can be individual games, group games and much more. It is also nice to have some sense of an obstacle race, where both students and staff can engage in and have fun and then typical fair games, which they can give a try at. Along with games come with rides. Whether it be a Ferris wheel, a bouncing castle, a merry-go-round, slashing cups, these can all create a lot of fun. Especially students like to engage themselves in such activities in bunch of groups.

Photo Stall
This is becoming very popular today in school fairs. It’s a good take away option for students and staff to hold onto their memories. This can be done through the school photography society itself, with setting up a photo stall to have pictures taken and give out copies. Today it is also very popular to have photo booths, which is much more attractive than setting up a normal photo stalls. Party photo booth hire Melbourne is freely available in communities today at an average price that can be brought to hire. This becomes it more attractive to students and allows students to have picture taken as memories home with having some fun.

Good music for the whole day
Anything gets in the mood with good music. Students today are indulged in music always. So having good music is very important. Having a Dj who could spin some good tunes, for the whole day is important. It has to be music of different genres that fit in for both students and the staff. You can also incorporate to have certain raffles and musicals games as a part of the fairs proceedings. Most fairs end up with everyone dancing to favorite tunes, to end the day on a high note. So music is a very important element when it comes to organizing a school fair. It keeps the fair lively the whole couple of hours of the event.

captureYour wedding day is the most important day for you and your partner, but what most family and friends look forward to is the reception that is held afterwards. Make sure to take time out and plan a reception worthwhile and memorable, giving the celebration a personal touch that will make sure the guests have a night they would never forget. Read on to find out what you can do to have a fun and entertaining wedding reception.

The first dance
When you are called on to the dance floor to do the first dance as husband and wife all the eyes in the room will be directed towards you and the two of you will be the stars of the show as it should be. To jazz up this process, start off the dance with a slow number may be a well-rehearsed waltz and towards the end heat things up with a sexy Latin dance. The sudden change in tempo and your moves will catch your guests off guard and set the mood for the whole evening.

Party favors
A wedding reception is always a party and a celebration. It does not necessarily have to be formal with all guests just sitting around bored to death with nothing to do. Make sure the guests know that it’s okay to loosen up and have some fun. Start handing out party favors. Funny masks, and different kinds of noisemakers will do the trick. Consider a cheap photo booth hire Melbourne, and make sure all guests take pictures of themselves with all these quirky but fun items to help them take home a string of pictures to help them remember the fun that took place on your special night.

The kids’ zone
In addition to the photo booth hire, you may want to splash out some money on taking care of the children at the reception. You wouldn’t want the little ones hogged up on sugar to be running wild. Make arrangements to keep them entertained as well. Hire a babysitter for the night to help the kids be occupied in either playing games in a separate room or even just watching a movie.

The toasts
Giving out toasts is one of the most meaningful things done at receptions, but make sure all toasts are prepared well in advance and not allow them to be long, time consuming speeches that go on for several minutes only to bore and diminish the hard work you had to do to make the reception a happening party. Always remember its quality over quantity. Make the toast short and sweet and to the point, this way everyone will appreciate it.

Have a good DJ, a dance floor, a few surprises for your guest towards the end in addition to the above-mentioned tips and your guests will leave the reception with memories to last a lifetime.

Ah you proposed and better yet, she said yes. Now comes the fun part, the part which contributes to multibillion dollar industry- planning the wedding. Now you might have heard all the hype surrounding the actual planning of it and how people get carries away and what not but really what you see on TV or in the movies are mostly exaggerations (yes, even the reality shows). In fact, there is a very good chance that you might have fun planning your wedding but if you simply want to marry the stunning creature you already asked to spend the rest of your life with and not have to plan the whole affair, then we have some good advice for you. Today we will be giving you a few cheat codes on what you need to actually pay attention to during the planning.
Firstly, there are 3 things you must contribute to in the planning, that is the venue, the guest list and the date. When it comes to the date, make sure to pick one which has the least amount of major events happening. Avoid major holidays and sporting events, and of course try to avoid weekday weddings. When it comes to the guest list, you need to be practical about it, when you make the list, it will become endless so you need to establish the trimmings early on, such as no children or dates. Then simply getting rid of the excess family members is all that is left. When selecting a venue, you need to be practical yet whimsical, so this means that while your bride sticks to her dream wedding and imagines herself walking down the aisle with the bridal bouquets, you need to be practical. Find out their policies on outside catering and supplying your own bar. Get to know what services they offer and what you will have to supply on your own. The better informed you are the easier it will be to make a choice of flowers.

Now since the major planning is done, there are a few other things that only you can handle. While you may not be able to lend a helpful opinion about the unique bridal bouquets, you definitely will know who you will want as your groomsmen. While tradition does not say that you need to have equal numbers, you might want to check in with your fiancée before finalising the list. Also remember that out of the finalists, you have to pick a best man as well. Usually when the word best man is said, the mind naturally goes to stag night but what you should also remember is that they have to give a speech at the reception in front of all your friends and family. So keep that in the forefront when making your decision.
One very important piece of advice is, take care of the ring. Traditionally, it’s the responsibility of the groom to take care of the ring. Now you might choose it together and have it sized but after that, it is your responsibility to make sure the rings go from the jewellers, to your best man or ring bearer and on to your wife’s hand. Messing it up will not be a great way to start off wedded life. So if you plan on walking down the aisle any time soon, you might want to keep these titbits in mind.