Month: June 2017

When your job is an event manager, your main task will be to make sure that everything in the event goes smoothly and without a hitch. On the route to achieving this, if you miss out on some key areas and make common mistakes, it will be hard for you as the event manager to manage the event in a smooth manner so the importance of having everything in order cannot be stressed hard enough. One way you can seek to achieve this is to keep a book with you so you can note the basic plan you have to follow. Once you have noted down everything, it is much more difficult for you to miss out on something. If it is for a 40th birthday, begin the process by looking for good 40th birthday venues. If the event is situated outdoors, it is necessary for you to consider the weather and if you think it could rain and ruin the entire function, then you as the event manager must take precautions against this. These precautions could mean setting up tents or even moving the venue indoors.

Choosing the right venue is critical. In the case of a special 21st function, venues need to select considering the crowd that will be attending it. Make sure you get the theme right and use the internet to look up idea for the decorations and themes. Another problem that could occur would be if the photographer failed to turn up for whatever reasons, so the best course of action would be to have a backup photographer that you can call upon in case things go south.

Once you have got the ideal place out of the way, make an approximate head count of the amount of individuals that might turn up. Making an approximate count of the number of people right in the beginning makes the whole process significantly easier. Some mistakes that can happen is that you might order too much or too little food. By making a count of the people, this issue can be prevented as well as the issue of overcrowding. Consult the client on what he or she wants; communication is key. Lack of communication might mean you planning an event that the client might not like. Decisions such as the venue, meals and even the type of music for the event needs to be consulted with the client before finalizing them. Keep track of all changes in your book. This might be of help during the future when you are managing other events.

You are engaged to be married. That’s exciting news. Congratulations are in order. What comes next is the most exciting part, the wedding. In other words, it’s time to start planning your wedding. Now, there is no reason to be stressed. Yes, planning a wedding is hard work and should be done properly. However, with a little research and help from the experts, you can have an amazing wedding that you would remember fondly until your last breath. You might ask why you have to do research like this is some school project. But, let me tell you, research can help you get an idea. Without research, you won’t know who to call to get help, you won’t know your options and you won’t be able to see other weddings and get an idea about how you want your wedding to be. Research is incredibly important to plan a wedding precisely.

Decide on a Budget
Before doing anything, the first step of wedding planning is to determine the amount of money you’re willing to spend for your wedding. A little research can help you here too. Do a Google search and find out how much it would cost for you to have your wedding dream. Talk to experts and your families and friends and get an idea about how much they spent on their weddings. You have to think about how much it would cost to rent or buy your wedding dress and suits, how much hiring a wedding venue is going to cost, how much you would have to spend for decorations and so many other things. After considering everything carefully, then make a decision.

Start Doing Research
Now that you have a budget determined, planning your wedding can start. This is the fun part, doing research. You probably already have an idea about how you want your wedding to look. Take a piece of paper and note it down. Decide on a date. After you’re down with sketching your ideas, start doing research. You can start with one thing first. For an example, say you want to have a ballroom featured in your wedding, then you have to find out businesses who offer ballroom hire services and check out their ballrooms. When you choose a ballroom, choose the business with most experience and good feedback. Decide on a ballroom, note down the contact details of the business and move on to the other part. Compare your initial sketch with the new plan and decide on a final plan.ballroom hire

Hire the Experts
The next step is to hire people to help you. This is when the details you wrote down while doing research help. You wanted a ballroom and now it’s time to call them and negotiate a deal. Tell them your date and find out the availability of the ballroom. If it is available, then you can proceed to calling other businesses. It’s important to be polite when you’re contacting the professionals. Listen to what they have to stay, because they know how everything works.

If you have planned to get images clicked while you are expecting, you would surely be excited, but a little apprehensive at the same time. Most women feel bloated and not very beautiful about themselves at such a time, but they need to be assured of otherwise at such a time. Planning a shoot at such a time will help women feel good about them, especially when they are shot by a professional who can make them appear beautiful at such a stage of their life.

Stages of a maternity shoot

How you dress for a maternity photography Hong Kong session would depend much on the stage at which you are at in your pregnancy. For instance, if you have a small bump and are being able to fit into your normal clothes, you could choose your favorite dress or even a t shirt and skirt or any ensemble that you think flatters your pregnancy bump. For those who are well in their advanced stage of pregnancy, could choose to flaunt their bump with a loose maternity dress. At the end, you can choose what you wish to wear in which you feel comfortable and that makes you feel beautiful as well. You could also seek advice from your photographer who would be able to provide his or her inputs as per their expertise.

The best makeup options

When you are preparing for a pre wedding photo session you want your natural beauty to showcase through the images. It would be ideal to have natural, outdoor settings where the natural light makes the most of your features as well as your pregnant silhouette. Opt for light makeup that hides any blemishes on your face and makes it appear natural and flawless. Use natural lipstick shades or simple lip balm to add a touch of gloss to your lips. You could also opt for highlighting your eyes with a concealed line with eyeliner. The trick is to make up your face in a way that brings out your natural look.

Other tips would comprise of opting for flat sandals to ensure comfort during the photo shoot. Take along throws or light wraps if you wish to layer up your clothing. Keep your hair brushed and lightly held back from your face or frames it lightly to achieve the natural tresses that add to the overall appearance. An experienced photographer will also be able to guide you on the way you can do your makeup, what kind of colors of clothing would flatter your pregnant look and so forth. Do not hesitate to voice your opinion and take a look at the shots taken before you finalize on the images.