Making Your Own Version Of A House Warming Party

A house warming party is something we all dream of hosting at least once in life. Your house does not need to be a huge four storied building. If you end up buying your own apartment with your own savings, then that classifies as your own house. And you need to host a party for your friends and family for these occasions. It is hard to get family members together for anything other than an occasion, so take this chance to see your loved ones. And also impress them with your newfound abilities of hosting a party on your own.

Floral popper

This is easy and a quick beautifying method for a table, which you can use for your birthday party and wedding reception decoration ideas. You will also need bubble wrap, a paintbrush, acrylic paint (depending on the party theme you are going for), paper, tape, old vases and some flowers (organic or inorganic kind). To make this decoration you just need to put down the scrap newspaper or paper (or just get to your crafts table) and lay the bubble wrap on it. Then take the paint that you want to use and start painting the bubble wrap everywhere except the edges.

When you are painting, use a little amount of paint on the brush so that the whole bubble wrap does not get soaked in paint. The artistic look comes from the untouched edges and the ridges of the bubble wrap. Then take the piece of paper that you want to use as the end product (a textured pastel shaded paper is the best). Then take the bubble wrap by the edges and stamp it onto the plain paper that you got. Press and take off the bubble wrap to see the dotted pattern on the paper. Cut the paper out to fit the vase (or even use a tall tin can) and glue it tightly. Add the flowers and use as an authentic yet chic décor for your table.

Metallic finish

This décor is the best as DIY wedding decorations at an adult’s party. The end result always ends up looking sophisticated and modern and it cuts down money spent. To make this décor you need empty tin cans (of shape or size you want), metallic spray paint of your desire, newspapers and flowers for end result. Simple take the tin can (bend it to smoothen it if needed) and spray paint it smoothly. Make sure to leave it to dry out properly on the newspaper. Put these on top of a white or pastel shaded table cloth to make the color pop out.

You can add glitter and other ornamentation for these items once they are dry and done to make them even more glamorous.


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