Pimped Up

Getting the Las Vegas experience but don’t live in America or wanting to get all pimped up for the night, is not as hard as it may appear. H2 Hummer hire can do both of these things and allow your fantasies to come to life. The H2 hummer can seat 14 or more people and all that is needed to enjoy a night out in one of these, is to find a long purple jacket with a fur collar, deck yourself out in some golden bling and find some skimpily clad girls and you can be off on the adventure of a life time.


Stretch Hummer hire can come with any number of options and there is any number of Hummer’s that come with all the trimmings. The most important is have a privacy screen that is controlled by a key pad so that only you can control the screen, leaving you to get your groove on any which way you choose without being interrupted. You can play your tunes on the C.D player or watch D.V.Ds on the LCD T.V screens, if this is a bit tame for you then lay back on the luxury leather seats and watch the action in the mirrored ceilings as your scantily dressed girls dance on the disco floor to music blaring out through the white dance floor hire Sydney entertainment systems. You can get the disco feel really pumping with the Quad lasers and strobe lights all backlit by the fibre optics and neon lights, it is a feast for the senses and the last thing you will want to do is leave the Hummer to go to an event.

H2 Hummer hire is more the experience of the vehicle than actually being driven somewhere and if you really wish to be seen in this vehicle it may be a case of asking the driver to let you out occasionally so that people can see who is so fabulous, this is best achieved in high traffic areas so a lot of people will be wowed. Hiring the vehicle to drive aimlessly around while you party in the back seems to be the best entertainment option after all, if paying for the extravagance that is the Hummer, you may as well get every pennies worth out of it. With alcohol, flashing lights and girls in pieces of material so small it might as well be a handkerchief, anything can happen and isn’t that the reason you hired the vehicle in the first place to fulfil all your raging hormones, I mean fantasies. 

Take advantage of the stretch Hummer hire and live them all out, make sure they are legal, being in a jail cell at the end of the night is not likely to be on your fantasy list, being handcuffed might be but not by an actual officer of the law.

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