Summer Time Nutrition Tips for Kids


Summer time is a time where people tend to put caution to the wind and go about enjoying themselves. After being couped up inside throughout the winter, it is only understandable and fair that they do so. This is especially true when it comes to children. Children love summer, especially because of the fact that school is out. There is also the advantage of eating many of the summer delights. Most parents also take it easy and let their kids gorge on as many ice creams as they want. Well, while this is okay to an extent, it can have serious consequences in the long run. Here are some summer time nutrition tips that you too can follow with your kids.

Keep them hydrated

When it comes to summer, the heat, sometimes, becomes unbearable. The heat waves that pass through makes us wish for winter all over again. In such weather, kids prefer to stay outdoor or in air conditioned spaces. It is important that you try to keep them as hydrated as possible. Insist that they drink as plenty of water as possible. Think of new ways to incorporate water into their snacks. If your child does not show an interest in drinking water, try giving them healthy juices. Look into innovative ideas such as slushie machine hire in Narellan for the summer so that your child will be hydrated. Keep in mind that lack of hydration can lead to many consequences.

Eat plenty of vegetables

Summer time is a time where fruits are in abundance. In such conditions it is possible to get carried away and over eat fruits. While there is nothing wrong in eating fruits, what you have to keep in mind is that fruits also contain sugar. While this is certainly better than the refined sugar that you get in various other junk food, too much of fruit sugar can be damaging. So the key here is vegetables. There is also plenty of vegetables in the summer. So try to incorporate vegetables in attractive forms such as salads and juices. If you are planning on a slushie machine hire this summer, you can use vegetables in your slushies as well.

Go moderate on sugar

Ice cream comes automatically to anyone’s mind when they hear the word summer. Along with ice cream things such as cookies, donuts and other junk food are also consumed in abundance throughout the summer. While it may be refreshing to go for an ice cream in the height of summer, it might necessarily not be the best thing for your kid. So try to keep these sugary items as treats and not overindulge in them. After all, you wouldn’t want your kid to get sick forever because of one summer in which he or she overindulged.

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