Things To Do In An Adrenaline-Filled Holiday

Fiji is known as a perfect holiday destination which is popular not only for its beaches, fun-loving people and food, but also for its amazingly adventurous activities. Besides relaxing on the peaceful beaches, you will have an opportunity to spend your holiday by involving yourself with some fun, thrilling and adrenaline-raising activities. Activities, like skydiving, rafting, windsurfing, jet-skiing, kite surfing, buggy riding, zip lining and parasailing and so on, will help you enjoy your adrenaline-filled holiday to its fullest. 


It is one of the most thrilling and hair rising activities that you must experience during your holiday in Fiji islands. And the most amazing fact is that there is no age limit. So, if you have brought your children with you, they are also allowed to jump and land safely. The participants will be allowed to choose their freefall time. Also, they will be offered both photography and video package so that the extraordinary moments of such an activity can be captured and become memorable ones. You can choose to jump as high as 14,000 feet and freefall for up to 70 seconds followed by a maximum 8 minutes Parachute ride. 


This activity is for the adrenaline junkies. Be ready to experience those moments filled with thrill and excitement while opting for a jet ski safari. Choose a reliable provider of this jet ski tour and enjoy your trip.

Rafting and kayaking

You will enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the best Byron Bay beach weddings or rivers while riding a raft. It is a peaceful adventure and at the same time it will help in getting your adrenaline going. Sea kayaking, another water sports activity, will make you explore the beautiful coastlines. You can paddle through the water on the long boats or you can have rides on motorized boats. Sea kayaking offers workout along with an overnight camp, Village visit, and picnic. Like kayaking jet-skiing also provides you with several health benefits. From cardiovascular benefits to muscle strengthening – this activity will help you stay healthy while holidaying. So, hire a jet ski fiji service and refresh your mind and body. 

Windsurfing and Kite surfing

Windsurfing is completely different from Kite surfing. These water sports help you to stay fit on your holiday in Fiji. Windsurfing, a non-motorized activity, is a combination of surfing and sailing together on a board. Windsurfers surf on the boards, balancing in the light breeze on the beaches. You can enjoy the surroundings of the beach while windsurfing.


Parasailing is the most enormously popular activity in Fiji. This is a water sport in which you will be lifted in the air so that you can enjoy the panoramic views of the calm islands. You can enjoy this 10 minutes ride alone or you can accompany anyone. Children are also allowed to enjoy this epic ride with an adult.

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