Tips To Having An Entertaining Wedding Reception

captureYour wedding day is the most important day for you and your partner, but what most family and friends look forward to is the reception that is held afterwards. Make sure to take time out and plan a reception worthwhile and memorable, giving the celebration a personal touch that will make sure the guests have a night they would never forget. Read on to find out what you can do to have a fun and entertaining wedding reception.

The first dance
When you are called on to the dance floor to do the first dance as husband and wife all the eyes in the room will be directed towards you and the two of you will be the stars of the show as it should be. To jazz up this process, start off the dance with a slow number may be a well-rehearsed waltz and towards the end heat things up with a sexy Latin dance. The sudden change in tempo and your moves will catch your guests off guard and set the mood for the whole evening.

Party favors
A wedding reception is always a party and a celebration. It does not necessarily have to be formal with all guests just sitting around bored to death with nothing to do. Make sure the guests know that it’s okay to loosen up and have some fun. Start handing out party favors. Funny masks, and different kinds of noisemakers will do the trick. Consider a cheap photo booth hire Melbourne, and make sure all guests take pictures of themselves with all these quirky but fun items to help them take home a string of pictures to help them remember the fun that took place on your special night.

The kids’ zone
In addition to the photo booth hire, you may want to splash out some money on taking care of the children at the reception. You wouldn’t want the little ones hogged up on sugar to be running wild. Make arrangements to keep them entertained as well. Hire a babysitter for the night to help the kids be occupied in either playing games in a separate room or even just watching a movie.

The toasts
Giving out toasts is one of the most meaningful things done at receptions, but make sure all toasts are prepared well in advance and not allow them to be long, time consuming speeches that go on for several minutes only to bore and diminish the hard work you had to do to make the reception a happening party. Always remember its quality over quantity. Make the toast short and sweet and to the point, this way everyone will appreciate it.

Have a good DJ, a dance floor, a few surprises for your guest towards the end in addition to the above-mentioned tips and your guests will leave the reception with memories to last a lifetime.

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