Work The Wedding Industry – Without The Bridezillas

Love the wedding industry, but can’t stand the drama? You’re not alone. Because of how it’s viewed in society, the wedding day has a special brand of stress and tension for the wedding couple and everyone around them, including the industry personnel. Everyone wants it to be perfect, and the wedding industry always attempts to serve up perfection on a platter. If you’d like to work in the wedding industry, and keep your adrenaline in manageable levels, here are a few suggestions about potential careers:

Bake the Cake

This requires that you love baking and icing as well as weddings, but baking the wedding cake or specializing in wedding cakes is one way for you to avoid the drama that others like the wedding dress consultants go through. The happy couple will be in for this one fairly early on in the game (or the planner will be) and sans a complete makeover in theme just 48 hours prior to the wedding, you will have plenty of time to design, debate and finalize the wedding cake with the bride and groom. After that, all you have to do is bake and dress the cake, and make sure it’s delivered on time.

Do the Flowers and Arrangements

This may have a slight stress factor as the wedding florist is usually expected to have just the right flowers for the wedding. This is especially true of brides who have planned their big day since they were toddlers playing dress up.

However, if you really have the knack as a diplomatic wedding florist, delivering fresh flowers are usually the easiest thing to get the bride sold on, unlike the dress or the music. It is also probably the easiest to get hold of, albeit at a cost. For instance, if the bride insists on orange blossoms and you know they are not in season at the moment, you can always check international markets or hothouse plants and inform the bride that while her flowers are available, it will cost her more because of the trouble in getting hold of them.

Transporting the Bridal Party

This won’t be much fun if you’re the driver and you’re under pressure to make the 30 minute drive to the church in 15 minutes, but if you are a rental agency that caters exclusively to weddings, then you’re in luck. Wedding planners tend to book a vehicle for the wedding party fairly early on, although that order might change from a car to a limo depending on the changes to the initial plan. You can increase your revenue by offering custom rides like a horse and buggy or tandem bicycles etc. Always keep one spare vehicle as last minute hires are definitely a thing, and you should be fine.

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